Prophetic Dream: Something Historic About To Happen Red Sea Moment Coming!×7-12a0ebb

Prophetic Dream: Something Historic About To Happen Red Sea Moment Coming!

 5783 Prophetic Message Jewish New Year:

July 21st Storm Warning Dream:

July 19th Economic Warning Message:



Prophetic Vision: WARNING! Something is Coming!

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Prophetic Dream Warning: Storms Are Coming | Kamala Harris Warning

Tribe of Christians host Brandon Dawson shares a major prophetic dream he had July 21st 2022 concerning the NE Coast, Hurricane Season, War, Economic Trouble, and Kamala Harris.

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5783 Jewish New Year Prophetic Teaching:

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Blood Moon Prophecies Revealed (Kamala Harris):

NYC Prophetic Dream Warning: 

Prophetic Dream: Economic Warning!

Brandon Dawson shares a prophetic dream given to him concerning the US Economic and the coming economic collapse.

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Original Economic Dream Published here: Impossible


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WW3, Gog & Magog, 3rd Jewish Temple | Mystery Babylon Revealed & Explained!

Tribe of Christians host Brandon Dawson reveals an incredible end times prophecy teaching concerning mystery Babylon and its exact identity, and how it will play a major role in the coming WW3, the pretext of the coming Ezkeil 38 war of Gog and MagGog, the coming 3rd Jewish Temple, the rise of the antichrist beast financial system, it’s connections to the United States, and how the war in Ukraine may in fact be the beginning and ending point of it all.



00:00 Introduction

03:44 What It’s All About

05:53 Time of Gentiles Reached

08:48 Joel Chapter 3

12:00 Antichrist King of Tyre

16:26 Mystery Babylon and Tyre

21:01 From Tyre to NYC

25:50 Rebirth of Israel

26:42 Creation of Beast System

30:30 Prophetic Timeline Map

33:22 Israel & Russia Headlines

43:25 Conclusion


Scripture References

Ezekiel 36:23

Ezekiel 38:23

Luke 21:25-26

Luke 21:24/Matthew 24:14

Genesis 15:16

Revelation 17

Ezekiel 28

Joel 3

Zachariah 5


Sources Mentioned

“Russia orders Jewish Agnecy to stop all operations in country –exclusive


New Israeli Prime Minister Lapid to Work toward “two-state solution”

Biden Restored 500 million in aid to the palestinans.


At BRICS summit, China sets stage to tout its governance model.


An out-of-touch G7 could lose global leadership to BRICS”


Energy Armageddon: S. Arabia begins record imports of Russian oil – Stocks are running out!- Macron to Biden: “I have bad news”


China extends record imports of Russian oil into June, cuts Saudi supply – trade”


Russian Navy takes delivery of Putin’s super sub: largest submarine to be built in 30 years that has enough firepower to take out entire cities and unleash ‘radioactive tsunamis’ is set to go into service”

Jewish Year 5783 Prophetic Message

Jewish Year 5783 Year of Retribution Prophetic Message

Tribe of Christians host Brandon Dawson gives a prophetic message on the Jewish Year 5783 that will occur on Rosh Hashanah September 25th 2022 using the Hebrew Alphabet and Gematria system.

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